• S Arivarasan
  • K Thomas Felix
  • Rao Keluskar A.K
Keywords: Microfinance, Self Help Group,, Women Empowerment, Micro credit


"In most of the developing countries today, more and more emphasis is laid on the need for development of women and their active participation in the main stream of development process. It is also widely recognized that apart from managing household, bearing children, rural women bring income with productive activities ranging from traditional work in the fields to working' in factories or running small and petty businesses.This article suggest that, though there were many benefits due to micro-finance towards women empowerment and poverty alleviation, there are some concerns. First, these are dependent on the programmatic and institutional strategies adopted by the intermediaries, second, there are limits to how far micro-credit interventions can alone reach the ultra poor, third the extent of positive results varies across household headship, caste and religion and fourth the regulation of both public and private infrastructure in the context of LPG to sustain the benefits of social service providers.


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Author Biographies

S Arivarasan

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, JSA College, Tittakudi, Tamil Nadu 606108.

K Thomas Felix

Research Scholar, Department of Agricultural Economics, TNAU, Coimbatore 641003.

Rao Keluskar A.K

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension, JSA College, Tittakudi, Tamil Nadu 606108

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